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DBZ : TOP 15 des Meilleurs Looks de Vegeta
November 17, 2019


8 min read

How not to approach fashion in manga , these cartoons and comics more than popular in Japan and among fans of the Japanese culture .

There's no denying that Vegeta is a staple character among fans of Dragon ball , its story, character development, and design are some of the best in the franchise. That last aspect, Vegeta's various outfits and armor, is certainly worth listing, which is why we wanted to rank 15 of his outfits from worst to best - from the infamous "Badman" shirt to the poorly colored armor from its first anime appearance.

Much like Bulma, Vegeta is something of a Dragon Ball fashion icon, sporting some of the best designs the series has to offer, and we'll even see some new looks with the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. While Vegeta doesn't seem to come off of the Saiyan armor Bulma designed (how cute), his closet is still full of interesting things, some better than others.

For this list, we're mostly looking at the clothes and armor the Saiyan Prince wore, but there will be some interesting stray bullets dotted here and there. As for their ranking, it will be a combination of our choices, the quality of the outfit design and the importance of the outfit in the series. He might only wear one thing most of the time, but Vegeta is still one of the best-designed characters, no matter what his outfit. In fact, Vegeta's armor has become synonymous with the franchise, as has Goku's orange gi. So let's break them down 15 BEST LOOKS FROM VEGETA and rank them from worst to best.

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Copy Vegeta

Starting with the most despicable, already a stray bullet in this ranking, a gooey clone of Vegeta who appeared during a special episode of Dragon ball super . Copy-Vegeta, as it is called, was created from the superhuman water of the Planet Poteaufeu , which absorbed all of Vegeta's energy and made a copy of him, albeit much less appealing.

Copy-Vegeta arrives at the bottom of our ranking for obvious reasons, check it out! Looks like someone made a purple gelatin mold with Vegeta and let it burn in the sun like a granny in the summer. The story surrounding Vegeta's copy had its merits, but the character of the clone can't beat the appearance of the original.


Troisieme Armur Saiyan

Before donning the Saiyan armor designed and crafted by Bulma, Vegeta wore this disastrous looking outfit. It might sound a bit harsh, but let's say the saiyan armor always looks better with the shoulder pads or segmented straps of other models.

Without some sort of yellowish color to break up the white on the top half of the armor, this model doesn't quite work, which is probably why we find this model old-fashioned. Plus, the nearly black bodysuit and dark segmented parts don't work as well as the blue and yellow of Vegeta's more iconic looks.


Vetement d Entrainement Vegeta

Vegeta doesn't always train with his armor, sometimes he just jumps around the gravity chamber with nothing but compression shorts, although he was also seen in a blue tank top and white pants. These two workout outfits are interesting looks that we would like to see more often.

That said, in the end, Vegeta's compression shorts are pretty simplistic and not very well designed, and while his tracksuit look is a little more creative, these two models apparently weren't interesting enough to make more than a few appearances. in all.

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Uniforme de Baseball

Although the vegeta baseball uniform has been shown even less often than her alternative workout outfits, it's still a much more fun and interesting design.

The fact that this is an outfit different from his usual armored look is part of the reason why we love Vegeta's baseball uniform. But the real reason he won more points than the training outfits , is that he chose to team up with Universe 6 and wear their uniform just to be able to face Goku in the Universe 7 team. This is probably the thing with the more "vegeta spirit", that Vegeta never did.


Deuxieme Armure Saiyan

As we said, Saiyan armor tends to look better with some eccentricity in the shoulders, which is why we have categorized the second Saiyan armor de Vegeta in eleventh position on our list. This armor was given to Vegeta after being defeated by Goku and was much less provided than his previous suit, lacking the armor on his pelvis and hips.

This look suits Vegeta perfectly, it's arguably even the best style he's had as a villain in the series, since the giant shoulder pads made him match up with the other opponents in the arc in question. This much stricter, extravagant and geometric style also brings out its edgy and narcissistic character.


Vetements Occasionnels Vegeta

Among the top 10, we will find styles much more casual character, which can be found briefly throughout the franchise. These outfits are some of Vegeta's best, in part because they show just how fashionable the world of Dragon ball is that of the end of 80 years and early 90s.

Vêtement DBZ

The first two sets of clothes shown above are easily the most beautiful clothes Vegeta has ever worn. The first was worn when he said goodbye to Trunk of the future and the second was worn on vacation with Trunks and Bulma . As for the last two, they are worn during the epilogue of Dragon Ball Z. The first returns a more casual look, and the second is a much less armored combat outfit worn for the martial arts tournament.


Vegeta DBZ

The second of this top 10 is the Vegeta's first appearance in anime . The design is the same as his first Saiyan armor, but has been incorrectly colored due to the fact that the original manga was black and white, and therefore irrelevant to the anime team. As a result, we were treated to this orange, red, green, and blue version of Vegeta that has become a rather infamous part of the franchise.

But there you go, this color scheme isn't that bad, it's actually quite interesting, especially considering that it was done without any reference to the original. Of course, it's not as good as the actual coloring, but there are some bold choices that are worth it.


Jeune Prince Vegeta

It's pretty rare to see Vegeta in his youth, but when we do see him we are treated to some great character and costume design. More precisely, it is the royal vegeta armor , decorated with a cape and the symbol of the Vegeta family.

This outfit is a perfect fit for the ruthless child Vegeta was, certainly due to the sleeveless bodysuit really making him look like the product of aggressive Saiyan culture, a royal warrior prince ready for battle at all times. Even the outfit Vegeta wears in flashbacks Dragon Ball Super: Broly always manages to adapt to this idea, which is why the outfits of the young Vegeta rank eighth.


Cinquième Armure Saiyan

In the seventh row, we find the outfit that Vegeta wore in Resurrection F and the Dragon Ball Super saga , another combat costume designed and created by Bulma. This model featured a gray bodysuit with extra padding and a more streamlined version of the Saiyan armor that Vegeta normally wore.

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Additional details help highlight Vegeta's usual look and the gray suit helps balance the color of the shape. Super Saiyan Blue of the character. Overall, this outfit is a sleek and cool revamp of Vegeta's allure, but it still doesn't beat the original, nor does it hold up against some of his other outfits.


Tournoi Mondial Vegeta

Akira Toriyama took pride in showing Vegeta with less and less armor as the story progressed and his character developed. This was to show that Vegeta was becoming more human and much less battle-oriented and bloodthirsty. This is part of the reason why he only wears a sleeveless jumpsuit during the Buu saga , the other reason being that he couldn't wear armor in the world martial arts tournament .

This unshielded look works great for Vegeta, and it has become one of his best outfits. It's simple, but effective, especially with the darker blue and the small amount of yellow on the boots. His style in the Buu saga served both to tell a story and ended up being fantastic on the character.



Another stray bullet will follow, the outfit resulting from the fusion of Vegeta and Goku using potala earrings. Unlike fusion dance, the potalas merge the clothing of the two warriors with their physical features, leading to an entirely new outfit, and in the case of Vegeto , it's also one of the coolest outfits Vegeta door (technically).

Accessoires DBZ

The look of this fusion takes up Vegeta's sleeveless blue suit, his boots and gloves with Goku's orange vest, all of his clothes and his blue fabric belt. All these elements combine to give a super interesting style that takes him up to the TOP 5.


Veste Vegeta

Vegeta sees himself subject to a makeover in Dragon Ball Super: Broly ! His bodysuit is a bit darker than usual, and the main color of his armor has been changed from white to blue gray / off-white. In addition, Vegeta will be wearing a large snow coat for the Tundra environment that we find in the trailer.

These two outfits immediately climbed to the top of Vegeta's best costume top. Updates to her usual outfit are subtle, but do a bit more pop and work a lot better with the movie's art direction as well as the design. As for the winter jacket, it's a fun outfit that goes so well with the snow gear of Bulma , which is part of why we ranked it so high.


Premiere Armure Saiyan

Now it's the turn of the first three, starting with the Vegeta's first Saiyan armor , with its tail, its pelvis protection, its scouts and its plain white boots. Vegeta didn't keep this outfit on for long, but it's still one of his best, one of the most iconic characters in the series.

There is a lot to be said about this model, starting with its “alien” samurai inspiration, thus communicating that its wearer is a warrior from another planet. the scout , although practically obsolete in the world of Dragon Ball, has added a nice splash of color to the overall design and is one of the many reasons this classic outfit ranks third on our list.


quatrieme armure saiyan

We've talked a lot about Vegeta's "usual" outfit, so it's no surprise that we placed his fourth saiyan armor , the one designed and built by Bulma, in second place in our ranking. Since the Android saga, this suit has become Vegeta's armor and bodysuit, and it's also his best fighting look.

The streamlined version of his Saiyan armor, devoid of giant eccentric protective pads, is smooth and perfectly crafted, while the boots and gloves balance the color design. Really, this is the best version of the vegeta armor , and the one he wears the most, which is why it is ranked number 2.

1) "BADMAN" shirt

Chemise Badman Vegeta

Okay, to be honest our first place is a bit crazy, but how can we not classify the famous "Badman" shirt of Vegeta as the best outfit he's ever worn? Vegeta's Fourth Saiyan Armor is his best outfit, but this ridiculous shirt encompasses some of his best character moments and some of the funniest moments in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

Vegeta received this shirt from Bulma and he certainly didn't like the color, stating he was a warrior, not a flower. It really is one of the best parts of Dragon ball z , which, along with the ridiculousness of the shirt (and yellow pants), explains why we ranked this outfit as Vegeta's number one look.

It's up to you to give us your ranking of your favorite outfits! Don't forget to take a look at our partner GOKU SHOP if you need to stock up on DBZ merchandise or to give a little something to a fan of the saga.

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